Inger Shaye Colzie

ADHD and Transformational Leadership Coach.

I felt overwhelmed and disorganized, worried I was an imposter.  Would people figure out just how out of control I was?  I just couldn’t figure out how to get the important stuff done.  Then I discovered that I have ADHD and my whole world began to make sense.  Once I realized the true impact of my ADHD and how it was inhibiting my ability to make a rich and fulfilling life, I took back control.

Instead of shying away, as I had in the past, I learned everything I could about the condition.  I became an expert in all areas related to effective management of ADHD and dug into related areas to create positive and sustained change.  My transformation has been so powerful that I made it my mission to teach others with ADHD how to have more successful and effortless lives too.  This is how I came to be an ADHD Coach as well as a Transformational Leadership Coach.

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