Lelia Schott

NeuroEmotional Practitioner and Certified Parent Coach

Jennifer Kolari

founder connected parenting™

Topic: How To Move From Anxious To Anchored

about Lelia:

Lelia Schott is a South African who has the privilege of working with people from all over the world on relational self awareness and emotional sovereignty. She is a mother to six children ranging between 25 and 8 years of age. Two of her children are neurodiverse.

Lelia is the founder of the online advocacy group Synergy: gentle parenting resources. Lelia certified as a parent coach to further help people soften the hurting cycles and strengthen the healing cycles. She is also a trauma-informed neuroemotional practitioner, developmentalist, nvc coach, healing centred writer and independent researcher.

You can find her on her website: https://www.leliaschott.com

Key Points About Our Chat:

Lelia’s parenting session reminds us that feeling lost is human, but the map to success is within ourselves, our hearts, and relationships. She addresses anxiety’s role in our reactions towards our children and teaches us to recognize sensations in our body and overcome knee-jerk reactions with empowered empathy. You’ll leave the session celebrating your authentic and vulnerable self as a parent, equipped with tools to navigate parenting challenges with grace and ease. The map to success was always within you, and Lelia shows you how to access it.

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