Leslie Josel

ADHD Student & Parenting Coach

Jennifer Kolari

founder connected parenting™

Topic: The Overwhelmed Child: Always Connect Before Correct

about Leslie:

Leslie Josel, an award-winning ADHD-student and parenting coach, is the founder of Order Out Of Chaos® – a company whose mission is to help parents guide their students to success in learning and in life. She’s an award-winning author of three books, creator of the award-winning “Academic Planner: A Tool For Time Management®,” and an internationally acclaimed speaker.

Leslie has been named as one of the top time management experts in the world by Global Gurus seven years in a row. She continues to learn from her audiences, sharing her observations with readers of ADDitude Magazine in her weekly “Dear ADHD Family Coach®” column.

You can find her on her website: https://www.orderoochaos.com/

Key Points About Our Chat:

Parents can expect an insightful session with Leslie, where they will learn effective strategies for parenting a child who is feeling overwhelmed. Leslie will offer practical tips on how to support children who feel like everything is “TOO” much, and who may express their emotions through big behaviors, lying, or talking back. By making simple shifts in language and strategies, parents can help their child feel more grounded and calm, strengthen their connection, and build resilience. This session is a must-see for parents who want to create a more harmonious home environment and support their child’s emotional wellbeing. Get ready to learn valuable insights and practical tools that will help your child thrive.

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As a parenting coach, parents tell me every day about how frustrated they are that they don’t “really” know how their child is doing at school. Most of the time the only information they’re provided is either their child’s grades or that they’re missing homework!

Bottom line? Parents need to know exactly what to ask to get the critical information they need. And teachers need a roadmap to follow so they can best communicate with their student’s parents.

This printable, easy-to-use workbook is loaded with 10 ESSENTIAL GUIDED QUESTIONS and space to take notes. It’s designed specifically to help parents get A’s to their Q’s so they can get the most useful feedback from their child’s teachers.

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