Seth Perler

Executive Function, ADHD, Neurodiversity & 2e Speaker & Coach

Jennifer Kolari

founder connected parenting™

Topic: How Parents Can Listen to Their Kids More Effectively for Secure Attachment and Better Executive Function

about seth:

Seth Perler is a former teacher turned Executive Function, ADHD, Neurodiversity & 2e Speaker & Coach. He is dedicated to helping struggling students learn to navigate school and life, so they can have a great quality of life now and a fantastic future, full of possibilities, choices and opportunities, where they can achieve their goals, develop their strengths, and contribute in ways that matter to them.

Executive Function is key, and his work at, and his youtube channel give you exceptional tools to support children.

You can find him on his website:

Key Points About Our Chat:

In this session with Seth, parents can expect to learn how to listen more effectively to their children, in order to foster secure attachment and better Executive Function (EF). Seth explains what EF is, and how to identify if your child has weak EF skills. He then delves into the ways in which actively listening to your child can support their EF skills, through fostering connection, asking for input, and offering choice. Seth emphasizes the importance of secure attachment for children’s overall development. Finally, parents will come away with practical strategies they can implement immediately to support their child’s EF skills, building a stronger parent-child relationship in the process. Get ready for some powerful ‘penny drop’ moments with Seth!

Free gift: Executive Function Assessment

Details: – This will help you to

  1. Better understand your child’s level of Executive Functioning
  2. To give you a basic roadmap of how to help your child improve, even if your child is resistant to your help.

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