Sonali Vongchusiri

Sensitivity, Needs and Regulation Parent Coach

Jennifer Kolari

founder connected parenting™

Topic: Filling Your Child's "Unfillable" Cup

about sonali:

Sonali Vongchusiri is the founder of Forward Together Parenting and the “”Raising Your Strong-Willed Child”” series. She often says that she was that kid and now she has three of those kids. Highly sensitive parents of strong-willed kids come to Sonali to understand the needs at the root of the unrest they feel – both their child’s and their own needs. Sonali helps aware parents unlock parenting from heart-to-mind, be the parent they want to be, establish boundaries of safety and inclusion while confidently leading with love within their family even when things get tough.

Sonali finds children wise, attuned and present. She finds parents wise, attuned and present. She’s here to support you in seeing this, too.

Sonali lives in Bangkok. She’s originally from the US and is of Indian origin. She has albinism, which means she has no pigment in my skin, hair, or eyes. What that makes her is clear. She sees people in ways they don’t see themselves.

AND…she’s proof that it’s possible to repair just about any break in relationship with your child.

You can find her at her website:

Key Points About Our Chat:

In the session with Sonali, you’ll learn the importance of the ‘felt sense’ of connection in parenting. You will understand that parenting doesn’t have to be hard… (What?! Yes!) and that giving more time to a child with an unfillable cup is not always the solution. 

Sonali teaches a simple tool called love bombs that can repair the crack in the cup and stabilize the relationship between parent and child in seconds. She explains how to find these love bombs with your child, and how to use them to create a deeper connection. Overall, parents will come away from the session with a clearer understanding of what it means to connect with their child and how to do it effectively. Get ready for some incredible, practical tools for your family NOW.

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Details: –

-How to support your family in shifting from reactive to regulated

-Understand what’s behind “I’m bored”, the unfillable cup, and why kids don’t want to sleep and how to shift these experiences so that they feel good

-Transform your understanding of boundaries so that setting them creates connection and closeness in your home

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