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"Signing up for a conference hosted by these 2 amazing ladies is the easiest decision I've made all year. It's a joke in my house that everyone knows when I say I have a "Lara Dawn ADHDParentCoach call" they actually get it. You also know if I can get up at 4:00 a.m. to listen to Stephanie Pinto teach me new ways to "connect" you know she's worth it. I wouldn’t miss this conference for anything!"
Kristie Lynn
Mother of 2, USA



day 1 - may 1st

Emotionally Intelligent and Conscious Parenting

Mona Delahooke

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Best-selling author and Reflective Practice Mentor (RPM)

Topic: Looking Beyond Behaviours

Lelia Schott

NeuroEmotional Practitioner + Certified Parent Coach

Topic: How to Move From Anxious to Anchored

Noble Gibbens

EQ Practitioner and teaches Emotional Intelligence on his highly rated podcast, EQ Gangster

Topic: The Impact of Emotionally Healthy Parents on Their Children

Kelly Biltz

Certified ADHD Teen Life Coach

Topic: Managing Moody Teens

Sara Longoria

Founder of Hey U Human founder. Mentor and creator of the Rapid Relief Technique™ (RRT)

Topic: Bedtime Is Easy: The Secret to Magical Parenting

Greg Santucci

Pediatric Occupational Therapist and founding director of Power Play Pediatric Therapy

Topic: Your Child's Why Matters: Regulation Before Expectation

day 2 - may 2nd

Building Strong Connections with Your Kids

Chazz Lewis

Consultant, Parent coach, Conscious Discipline practitioner, Podcaster, and Content Creator

Topic: Cultivating Empathy in Kids by Breaking Generational Cycles

Sonali Vongchusiri

Sensitivity, Needs and Regulation Parent Coach

Topic: Filling Your Child's "Unfillable" Cup

Leslie Josel

ADHD Student & Parenting Coach

Topic: The Overwhelmed Child: Always Connect Before Correct

Jennifer Kolari

Highly sought-after international speaker and the founder of Connected Parenting™

Topic: Love is the Drug Kids Need

Seth Perler

Executive Function, ADHD, Neurodiversity & 2e Speaker & Coach.

Topic: How Parents Can Listen to Their Kids More Effectively for Secure Attachment and Better Executive Function

Julie King

Parent Educator, "How To Talk" Trainer and Best-Selling Author

Topic: How To Talk When Kids Won't listen

day 3 - may 3rd

Calming the Conflict and Chaos

Tosha Schore

Creator of all things Parenting Boys Peacefully

Topic: 5 simple steps to stop your boy's aggression and lift your parenting confidence

Hunter Clarke-Fields

Mindful mama mentor, creator of the Mindful Parenting course, host of the Mindful Mama podcast and widely-followed author of Raising Good Human

Topic: Yelling is not your fault, but it's your responsibility

elaine & diane, Impact Parents

Co-founders Creators of Sanity School® behavior training. Authors of Parenting ADHD Now: Easy Intervention Strategies to Empower Kids with ADHD and The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety and More.

Topic: How to Set the Tone for Peace and Harmony in Your Home (It's Closer Than You Think!)

Melissa Schwartz

Internationally acclaimed author, coach and public speaker. A respected expert in the field of Highly Sensitive Children. Co-creator of Leading Edge Parenting and co-author of Authentic Parenting Power and Rico’s Bumpy Week

Topic: Avoid Explosive Reactions by Saying These Words to a Highly Sensitve Child

Nate Feathers

Conscious Father

Topic: Fatherhood: The Warrior in the Garden and the Art of Apologizing

Sarah Nykoruk

Master Neurocoach, RRT Practitioner, Educational Leader

Topic: Putting Mama First - A guide to Self-Love, Self-Compassion, Self-Care, and Reigniting the Joy in Motherhood

day 4 - may 4th

Parenting Neurodiverse Children

Aniko Burjan, M.ED.

Psychoeducator specializing in atypical development. Founder of LilyPED Learning Center. Certified Conscious Parenting Coach.

Topic: What Neurodiverse Children Wish You Would Understand - An Essential Guide for Parents

Kathy Flamino

CEO/Founder Movemindfully®

Topic: Movements that Help the Mind

Inger Shaye Colzie

ADHD and Transformational Leadership Coach. Coach . Dare to Lead™ Trained

Topic: Love the Child You Have

Kolby Kail, M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner and head speech-language pathologist at Family First Speech Therapy

Topic: The Foundation for Making Friends

Dana Kay

CEO and Founder of the ADHD Thrive Institue

Topic: Reduce ADHD Naturally

Christine L Abbe

CEO of Evolve Movement, Pediatric Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner, Conscious Parenting Coach. Author of Our Superpowers: Celebrating Differently-Abled Kids and Their Siblings .

Topic: Consciously Connecting with Neurodivergent Kids

day 5 - may 5th

Cultivating Confidence, Resilience and Wellbeing in Kids

Julia Black

Creator of Lights On® Learning

Topic: Engaging the Heartset, Mindset and Skillset In Learning

Suzanne Tucker

Physical Therapist, Parent Educator, and Certified Educator of Infant Massage. The founder of Generation Mindful.

Topic: Teaching Kids HOW to Be Mad, and Other Tips For Raising Kind, Confident, and Resilient Kids

Veronica Hunter

Former patented scientist, NASA intern, and biotech professional. Founder of ADHD What Now?

Topic: 3 Keys to Creating Positive Momentum for Your Child's Bright Future

Kim Hopkins, L.C.S.W.

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) Trainer. Director of Outreach & Communication for Dr. Ross Greene’s non-profit, Lives in the Balance.

Topic: Moving From Power & Control to Collaboration and Problem Solving.

Brandy Gillmore, Ph.D.

Natural Medicine Doctor. Global speaker, & #1 Rapid Results Healing Coach and Tedx Speaker.

Topic: The Top Five Keys To Creating Happy Healthy Kids

Karen Tui Boyes

CEO of Spectrum Education

Topic: Roots and Wings: Building Confidence, Resilience and Wellbeing

meet your hosts

Lara Dawn

Lara Dawn is the founder of The ADHD Village – a community that offers brain-based, science-backed support for families raising children with ADHD. She is a certified teacher with over 20 years experience specializing in environmental science and special education. She is happily married and has two neurodiverse sons.

Lara supports moms in learning how to eliminate stress while navigating their children’s ADHD so that they are calm, confident and deeply connected to their children. She also helps parents raise children to embrace their ADHD and feel empowered so that they can be in control of their emotions and behaviours.

Stephanie Pinto

Stephanie Pinto is an Emotional Intelligence author, speaker and coach who specialises in helping parents to create an Emotionally Intelligent family culture at home. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence specialist, is a paediatric anxiety therapist, and practiced as a Speech Pathologist for 10 years.

Stephanie supports parents in learning how to manage their emotions, frustrations and stress so that they are happier, calmer and connect more deeply with their kids. She also helps parents to raise emotionally intelligent kids, who are self-aware and positively manage their emotions and behaviour.

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